Introducing Poynt


Payment Processing Software and Terminals

We offer the latest in terminals and software solutions at discount prices, all with EMV, NFC (i.e. ApplePay, etc.) and the latest security features, including Verifone, Ingenico, DeJavu, PAX and more.

Even more exciting for card-present merchants is our new Smart Terminal: Poynt.

Poynt is an all-in-one smart device that can do a lot more than just process payments. Poynt's easy to use system can email receipts, keep track of inventory, create and manage discounts and loyalty programs, record data and provide analytics, go just about anywhere, and more. There's even an app that lets you stay in control, wherever you are. Aside from their revolutionary technology, we decided to partner up with Poynt because they believe in great support just like we do. Help is just a tap away from the support app right on the home screen.

Get Poynt for just $795 with our lowest SimpleRate of 1.69% + $0.25


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