Why PreferredPay?

Discover a Simpler Credit Card Processing Solution

We're dedicated to providing our members with something different. Something better. PreferredPay is perfect for small and medium sized businesses that spend too much time trying to understand their statements, on the phone with robots, and figuring out how much they're even paying. We might sound too good to be true, but our partners help us offer astoundingly low rates, while we focus on maintaining our relationship with you. The Payment Processing Industry is rife with misleading advertising. Although advertised rates are often rock-bottom, there are a number of important fees to understand. If you have any questions at all about this chart, make sure to contact us today. Call us, open a chat, or send us an email via our contact forms. We'll get back to you in a flash!

It Starts with SimpleRate

It's easy: accept payment in person at your place of business, on the go via your phone, or online, and understand your rates every time. Other companies see fit to charge different rates per transaction, and sometimes those rates can be tough to track down, keeping you in the dark about how much you're paying. At PreferredPay, we know you have enough on your hands already: why spend more time trying to understand your overhead?

Artboard 21 copygraphicGetting Started is Easy

All you have to do is answer a few questions! Our forms usually take less than five minutes to complete. The approval process can take as few as two hours, and when you're approved you can start getting paid out on your transactions. We know you need to get paid, and we're all about getting that process moving. ASAP.


BenefitsPreferredPay Benefits

PPB is the suite of perks that we extend to our members. We find that it's easiest to keep people happy by giving them free stuff! Check out our three pronged approach to freebies:


Free PCI Compliance:

If you're going to accept payments via credit card,  you'll need to be PCI compliant. Essentially, PCI sets a number of security requirements that all merchants have to follow. Some companies believe in charging a fee for this service, we don't. Read more...

Free Payment Gateway (Portal):

PreferredPay sets you up with a totally free gateway that your clients can use to check out securely. That way, everyone sleeps easy at night knowing that their information is secure. Read more...

No Early Termination Fee:

We're not in the business of making you do anything you don't want to! If you find a better option for your business, we won't charge you an early exit fee. We want you to succeed, with or without us.

Scalable Pricing:

We offer SimpleRate because it makes most people's lives easier. Some businesses, particularly larger ones, see such a diverse array of transactions that the best way for them to save money is with a customized plan based on their own history. We're happy to have our people sit down with your people- just reach out.

I, Not Robot:

Human support. While robots might be good at assembling cars, doing math, making coffee, or taking over the world, they're not very good at customer support. Should you have any questions, we'll be happy to help you: 24/7.



PreferredPay works with most ecommerce, shopping cart, and content management systems. Using WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or even Drupal? No problem. Since our payment gateway takes users to a secure page for their checkout process, it works with just about any website out there. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


ReportingEasy to Understand Analytics

We know you like numbers when they help you better understand your business. Our reporting capabilities will help you understand what kinds of transactions are most common within your portal, how often they occur, and when they occur. This data empowers you to make decisions with facts by your side!