Zero Fee Processing

Pass Credit Card Processing Costs on to Your Customers

No More Credit Card Fees

The cost of accepting credit cards is constantly rising but little is said about why. The answer is largely due to enormous growth of rewards cards, which now are used in more that 75% of all transactions. Your cost is well north of 3%.

In response to merchant demands, a Federal Court ruling makes it possible for merchants to place credit card fees where they belong...with the card holder.

PreferredPay offers two distinct programs to facilitate this process. One is aimed at businesses and organizations that take payments electronically via website or central office. The other centers on retailers who typically accept face-to-face payments.

The two approaches are similar but procedurally different. The first uses a surcharge model, the second uses a cash discount model. Both programs offer free set up with no early termination fee. This monthly program fee is a flat $17.95, which covers your monthly statement, PCI charges, installation, training and full support. With both programs you receive the net payment while the cardholder's account is debited for the sale plus the service fee, which is detailed in both types of receipts.

Zero Cost Credit

This is our surcharge model for businesses and non-profit organizations. It follows the precise bankcard rules resulting from the aforementioned court decision. To be compliant, one must register with the major card brands and meet all notification and signage requirements. We take care of all of this. We also provide patented software that automates the surcharge process, as well as all equipment, training and support, all at no cost. We also cover full integration with most accounting, CRM, card processing and related software configurations.

Under current rules, debit card cannot be surcharged. However, with Zero Cost Credit you pay only the minimum 1% plus $0.25 per transaction, about 2.5% less than a credit card. Practically speaking, tickets over $100 rarely involve debit cards, so they are seldom seen in this market.

Zero Cost Credit is permitted in 42 states, as shown on the accompanying map.

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Zero Fee Solution

This "cash discount" model is ideal for retailer in all states. We use a special POS terminal with patented programming to automate the process. Unlike Zero Cost Credit, the Zero Fee cash discount solution does not need to be registered with the card brands, although notification and signage requirements are the same, all of which is provided as part of the program.

With the Zero Fee Solution your cost for the special terminal is just $295, including shipping. The terminal is fully EMV compliant and comes with NFC (ApplePay and related services).

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